ELU flight unit READY!

In only 17 months Guizzo Space developed the electronics of LaserCube (ELU) designing, developing and testing the flight unit from scratch.

LaserCube is an optical communication system for small satellites conceived in the frame of the ESA ARTES Competitiveness & Growth programme.

Guizzo Space provided the ELU for the downlink communication test. The downlink test will consist to demonstrate in orbit the optical communication between the satellite and the ground station reaching bit-rates at gigabit-level.

Guizzo Space is also working to develop and provide a new version of ELU for enabling the optical communication between satellites.

The developed ELU is sized for nano-satellites perfectly fitting in 1U of a CubeSat and enabling with this new communication technology to create a constellation of satellites for a full Earth coverage.

ELU has been conceived to drive and command the optical head unit developed by Stellar Project and prime contractor of the ESA contract.