Guizzo Space is a company working in the space related activities from 2018, founded by Dr. Gian Paolo Guizzo which brought his 25 years of experience in the field together a network of highly experienced international partners.

We provide products and services with professionalism and competence thanks to the profound experience of our human resources highly skilled in space technologies.

The products provided are conceived to meet the needs of high reliability applications where failure is not an option, and at the same time working with a view to containing costs.

Our mission is contributing to the growth of electronic technologies, products and applications for the space exploration and commercialization providing hardware, firmware and software solutions and also supporting institutional entities for the development of scientific space missions.


Guizzo Space is specialized in design and development of space qualified analog and digital electronic boards and electronics integrated systems, the main company capabilities are:

System engineering and analysis

Electronics system and subsystem analysis from trade off of electronics architecture to FMECA down to component level. We also provide trade off analysis on mechanical and thermal topics thanks to the support of a network of highly skilled professionals which usually collaborates with Guizzo Space.This permits us to offer turnkey mechatronics systems solutions, scientific payloads and to perform analysis and simulation of complex systems.

Hardware design and development

Our design and development activity is devoted to provide space qualified electronic units customized to satisfy the Customer requirements. The flight models developed make use either space qualified components or high reliability COTS in order to provide also cost saving solutions for limited lifetime missions, typical of nano and micro satellites.

Software & Firmware design and implementation

We provide the basic software for the microcontroller boards we develop and also, on Customer request, the software development kit for their own applications. FPGA IP cores for high speed communication are designed and implemented in our boards for high rate exchange with parallel NOR flash memories and with DDR3 RAM memories.

Equipment integration and test

The developed electronic equipment is integrated and tested in the fully equipped laboratory of Guizzo Space which also provides EGSE and test equipment dedicated for the verification and validation of the developed electronic boards.Thermo-vacuum, vibration and EMC radiated tests are performed at the premises of partner companies which usually collaborates with us.