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Guizzo Space is a company working in the space related activities from 2018, founded by Dr. Gian Paolo Guizzo which brought his 25 years of experience in the field together a network of highly experienced international partners.

We provide products and services with professionalism and competence thanks to the profound experience of our human resources highly skilled in space technologies. The products provided are conceived to meet the needs of high reliability applications where failure is not an option, and at the same time working with a view to containing costs.

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A end to end solution: from concept to flight

Guizzo Space is specialized in design and development of space qualified analog and digital electronic boards and electronics integrated systems, the main company capabilities are:

Analysis at system and subsystem level from requirements definition to detailed design and development

Detailed design and development from single electronic boards up to units and complex systems.

Microcontroller software and FPGA IP design and development.

Electronic boards integration, functional and performance tests at board and unit level, are performed in our laboratory.


Always commited to new challenges

Research and Development is in the DNA of the company, which is constantly committed to improve the offered products and always accepting new challenges to provide full custom solutions according to the customer needs.

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Welcome onboard SolderLab!

Established a new company providing PCB assembly services for space and all the sectors requiring a clean room environment

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Guizzo Space is now in orbit !

Guizzo Space electronic unit (ELU) has been successfully launched onboard SpaceX Transporter-2 mission and now is in orbit ! Guizzo Space strongly contributed to the development of LaserCube providing the electronic unit that make possible the optical telecommunication between a satellite and a ground station

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ELU flight unit READY!

After 17 months of intense and exciting development activity Guizzo Space is proud to announce the readiness of the LaserCube electonic unit (ELU).  ELU successfully passed the functional and environmental tests and now it is ready to fly.

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